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Is Douglas & Grahame The New Ben Sherman?

Several years ago Ben Sherman in their wisdom decided that as a company they were no longer going to produce their king size range of Men’s shirts and accessories.  These were the shirts in 2XL to 5XL which would have been to fit men with a chest size of approximately 48” – 58” inches.  At the time and as a customer of Ben Sherman for over 30 years we couldn’t understand the thinking, and if truth be told we still don’t understand it to this day.  This was a part of the business which we were told by our Ben Sherman agent was growing year on year and as we had become a predominantly big size and out size account we made the very difficult decision to cease trading with them. 

Our next challenge was to find something to fill the void that Ben Sherman had left, for us as a retailer and for many of our ‘Ben Sherman customers’, you know, the type of guy who had been wearing the brand since the 70’s, liked the fit, the cloth….liked everything.  After a little bit of searching around we came across a shirt range from a company we had dealt with for years.  Wellington, a huge player in the suit market, had dipped their toe in the water and produced a casual shirt range.  Under the name Douglas & Grahame the Drifter range of shirts seemed to tick all the right boxes. 

Over the past few years our buying of the Douglas & Grahame, Drifter range of shirts has increased season on season.  Everything about the range is right. 

The quality of the cloth is great, team this up with contrast lining to the collars, cuffs and plackets and coloured co ordinate buttoning to add that little bit of class.

 The patterns are always varied, neat checks, stripes and plains in button down or conventional collars. 

The cut of the shirt is great, starting from Small which would equate to 15”/15.5” collar & 38” chest to 5XL 22” collar & 58”/60” chest.

And possibly the best thing of all is price….at £29.95 short sleeve and £34.95 long sleeve they are approximately £10 per shirt cheaper than Ben Sherman were 5/6 years ago when we were stocking them!!!

We now have many customers who would have been our ‘Ben Sherman Customers’ in store and online buying the ‘Drifter’ shirts by name, so we hope you will take our advise and the advise of many of our customers and give the Douglas & Grahame, Drifter shirts a try…I’m sure you won’t be sorry and you may just have found your new Ben Sherman.

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