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Is Good Weather Around the Corner?

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Yesterday (20th March 2019) was the official first day of Spring so hopefully with the change in seasons will come the change in the weather, but is your wardrobe ready for it? Last years Summer was so good we found people telling us that, whereas they would usually top up their seasonal clothing with a few extra big men's T-shirts in xxxl or maybe a new short sleeve shirt for their nights out in 4XL, they were making do with what they had. But why? I hear you ask. Well the feedback we had was rather than meeting friends down the local for the evening people were doing bbq's and very few people buy new big mens clothing to stay in!! Simple. But with the break in weather hopefully around the corner the lack of purchases last year it may lead require an early deluge into the market as some of the old favourites which are currently being worn can't last another season, no matter how good the weather. And while your sat in the house or on the commute to work and browsing a few new must have tops don't forget to take a look below the waist and maybe some new elastic waist rugby trousers from Carabou which are ideal for travelling or leisure wear. And of course our range of big mens shorts are due in stock soon because before you know it Summer 2019 will be here and you don't want to miss out on the pick of the all the best bigger mens fashions here at OH BigMan.

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