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Are Made-to-Measure Suits a Thing of the Past?

In years gone by the only way to get the perfect fit on your suit was to get it made to measure, tailor made.  This would normally take up to 6 weeks.  The process would have been, choosing your cloth from a small book of patterns, measurements being taken head to toe and then sitting back and waiting for your ideal suit.  Or was it? You would then get the notification after the required time had passed to say that your suit had arrived. The big question then is …… How does it look?

The second factor was always the cost.  A tailor made suit was usually out of reach for most men without planning months in advance and saving a little from your wages before making the big investment.  (The average cost of a suit would be a full months wage for your average working class man).

Today’s market place is completely different.  We at OH BigMan Clothing, thanks to the backing of Skopes & Scott International (a brand name of the BMB Clothing Group) now carry 8 designs of suits, ready-made and in stock for you to try on and if you choose, walk out in the same day.

Our range of Wool Mix suits are offered in a Single Breasted 2 button style, making it suitable for all ages.  The Mix & Match option means that you can choose any size jacket and any size trousers from our range which covers 48” to 62” Chest and 42” to 58” Waist from £185.00 and are available with or without waistcoats.   Available to buy in store or online today!

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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