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New Year, New Style, New Wardrobe, New You

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New Year, New Style, New Wardrobe, New You!

Firstly we hope you had a fantastic New Year and that your resolutions haven’t stressed, strained or even broken you. It’s never easy keeping to them, even the seemingly small and simple changes that we make can have unexpected impacts to our day to day lives. 








Just remember that it’s for the better and like all things in life the cravings, urges and or compulsions will pass,meaning peace and balance will soon return


Now it may sound cliché but making changes in your wardrobe really does alter the way we see ourselves. Not just physically when we look in the mirror but psychologically as well. We have all had those moments when you feel you stand taller or seemingly get complimented more in clothing. While you may have been rocking the same style for a couple of years now why not shake it up this year by making some alterations to your wardrobe. They can be as major as changing your style completely or as minor as adding splashes of colour where you would normally wear black or white.











There truly is no better time to get that wardrobe updated, changed or tweaked. The January sales are in  full swing with many of them lasting the whole of the  month. Take Advantage!

This is the ideal time to go through and get rid of any clothing which doesn’t fit or which has had the life literally worn out of it (I know this is a scary concept gents!!!). We all have at least one pair of “ole faithful” jeans or that extremely comfy T-shirt which has seen your last three redecorations of the hallway. It’s time to be brutally honest with ourselves they aren’t going to be much use anymore. It’s time to replace them.

If your day to day wardrobe is fine then take stock or carefully examine those all important wardrobe staples. Is it time to refresh or replace that not so bright and crisp white shirt?

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